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For the most important time in your life

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Birth Doula

A Birth Doula supports the birth couple before, during, shortly after the birth.

During pre-birth consultations a doula:

  • educates the couple about the birth process
  • assists them in writing a birth plan
  • discusses contingencies and emergencies
  • answers questions
  • prepares the couple for breastfeeding
  • helps the couple be as informed and comfortable as possible about labor

During labor a birth doula:

  • stays with the family
  • coaches the mother through breathing exercises, offers massages and other non-medical modes of comfort
  • reassures, supports, and facilitates self-advocacy with medical staff.

How can a Birth Doula Help?

Physical Support

I can help you get into positions that are more comforatable and might help labor progress more quickly.  Giving you comforting touch, applying counter pressure, and doing breathing techniques together help you stay in a place that allows your body to do the miraculous work of bringing a baby into the world with grace and strength.  I am there to remind you that you were made for this moment.

Emotional Support

My presence will help your family to feel supported, easing the emotional experience of birth and also helping to create a space where the hormones of labor can work at their best. Whether your birth is natural, medicated, or a cesarean section, you and your family can benefit from my nurturing and caring connection.

Partner Support

It’s not just the laboring mother who needs support during labor.  All other birth partners: spouse, partner, friends, or other family members need attention and breaks at times.  I can help birth supporters be as involved in the process, or as informed about what’s happening as they desire.  Having a caring professional doula facilitates  a happy memory for everyone present.

Your Advocate

I am trained to help families connect with resources so they can ask great questions and make informed decisions about their births. I serve as a bridge of communication between families and medical providers, lifting them up to help them find their voices and advocate for the very best care.

Helping You at home after delivery

Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doulas take over where the birth doula’s responsibilities end—shortly after birth. 

  • help her manage the stresses of having a newborn
  • share information about and help with infant care
  • tend siblings
  • do light housework
  • do meal prep
  • provide ample, loving, emotional support for the mother and other family members so that parents can feel more confident once they are on their own.

How can a Postpartum Doula Help?

Breastfeeding Support

We often assume that because breastfeeding is natural, knowing how to do it comes naturally.  But there are often unexpected issues that might interfere in a successful nursing relationship.  I can help you understand the mechanics of nursing, teach you how to hold a baby while nursing, and most importantly, assure you that you can be successful at nursing.

Emotional Support

After birth, hormone levels shift significantly, leading you to feel rocky emotionally.  I am there to help you weather those changes with hugs, assurance, and a really good listening ear.

Informational Support

So much of your focus was on getting through labor and delivery-and now the baby is here!  You need a new set of information and skills.  I’ve been through this process five times, and I’ve learned a thing or two.  There is no need to adjust to life with a newborn all by yourself.

Physical Care for Mom

Your body is healing.  You need to rest, bathe, brush your teeth, and get a good meal all while taking care of a demanding newborn. It is essential that you take the time to care for yourself.  Having me there helps you get taken care of.

Help Running the House while you Rest

It is hard to get the essential rest when the burden of running a home is yours.  I can lighten that burden by cooking dinner for you, doing light housekeeping, occupying siblings, and holding the newborn while you rest or bathe.


Birth Doula Package

  • 1 Meet and Greet
  • 2 Pre-birth consultations
  • Answer questions via email, calls, texts before 38 weeks
  • 24/7 availability from 38 weeks until birth
  • 12 hours of continuous help during labor
  • 2 post-partum visits


Basic Postpartum Doula Package

a $90.00 savings over the A La Carte price!

  • 1 meet and greet visit before birth
  • 1 hospital visit after the birth
  • 21 hours of daytime home support, which includes
    • Infant care
    • Sibling care
    • Emotional support for parents
    • Light housework
    • Meal prep
    • Help with breastfeeding


Extended Postpartum Doula Package

a $200.00 savings over the A La Carte price!

  • 1 meet and greet visit before birth
  • 1 hospital visit after the birth
  • 45 hours of daytime home support, which includes
    • Infant care
    • Sibling care
    • Emotional support for parents
    • Light housework
    • Meal prep
    • Help with breastfeeding


Daytime A La Carte

Don’t need a full package or need a few extra hours tacked on to a package? This is your best choice..


Turndown Service

Makes a great gift for a friend, daughter, or granddaughter!

  • Be at your home when you arrive from the hospital
  • Change the bed linens on your bed
  • Have a hot cup of tea waiting for you
  • Tuck you and baby into bed
  • A hot meal ready to eat
  • Care package including lanolin, herbal bags for a sitz bath, homemade rice bag, protein bars, and chapstick


Night time Support

A $50 savings over the A La Carte price!
Newborns have days and nights mixed up, which means you don’t sleep just when you desperately need it. Having me care for the baby for a night or two might be just what you need to speed up healing and get back on your feet.


How Do I know If Megelyn is Right For Me?

Not every doula is right for you.  Here’s some information about me to make that decision easier.

Do you live in the Colorado Springs area?

I serve women and families in Colorado Springs, Black Forest, Falcon, Meridian Ranch, Fountain, Gleneagle, and Monument.

Are you interested in having as natural birth as possible?

Whether you desire a home birth, a birth center, or a hospital, do you plan on as little  medical intervention as possible? I am prepared to support you in that decision with comfort measures, physical touch, and reassurance.  

Do you have limited local family support?

Preparing for birth, labor, and post labor life can be exciting, but daunting.  No need to do it with limited help.  Get more help than you think you will need.  I will be there for you.  That’s a promise.

Do you want lots of education about the process of birth, breastfeeding, and self-advocacy?

How our bodies create and feed a new person is fascinating!  I love learning about this phase of life, and I’m eager to share what I know.  And what I don’t know, we can discover together.

Are you interested in creating a strong family despite, or even because of the momentous change a new baby brings?

I feel that strong families are the core of our society, and I want to help every family be as strong as they can be, especially during the topsy-turvy period you and your family are facing.

Do you want a strong presence at your birth and/or at home after birth?

I am a caring servant leader.  I know when to follow your lead, and I know when to step up and lead you.  I speak up when I don’t understand, or when I see that a change might be helpful.  Although I am not a medical professional, I see myself as part of the whole team present during labor and delivery, and as a guide for your family once you are home.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are birth outcomes better with a doula present?

Multiple randomized control studies have found that the presence of a trained doula benefits everyone. The studies have consistently shown that doula care is associated with shorter labors, less use of epidurals and other pain medications, and lower episiotomy rates. Research has also shown better clinical outcomes for both the mother and the baby (including fewer admissions to neonatal special care units, better breastfeeding rates, and better family bonding). A doula also provides care for the mother’s partner and other family members, assists busy hospital staff, saves money, and greatly increases a mother’s overall satisfaction with her birthing experience.
Here are some more stats about labor doulas:

According to the American Pregnancy Association, at births where doulas are present, there is a

  • 31% decrease in the use of Pitocin
  • 28% decrease in the risk of C-section
  • 12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 9% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief
  • 14% decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery
  • 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience
Does a doula replace the father or partner?
A doula doesn’t replace anyone. She is another member of the birth team and supports everyone in their own role. A doula’s presence helps fathers or partners participate at their own comfort level, showing them how and when to use various comfort techniques, providing information, and in some cases, looking after them as well. Partners are often grateful to be able to share the “coaching” responsibility with someone more experienced and can therefore enjoy the birth experience more.
Can a doula help if a woman has an epidural?

Yes. A doula’s presence is helpful during early labor and during the epidural placement process. She then continues to care for the woman and her family, offering emotional and informational support.

Can a doula attend C-Section births?

Yes, a woman having a C-section can still use a doula’s support. The doula may or may not be in the operating room, depending on the wishes of the family and the medical staff, but either way, the doula is still there for the new mother in the recovery room.

What do you mean "Get Educated"? Doesn't my hospital class tell me everything I need to know?

Mainstream birth usually consists of OB care, a hospital based birth class, and a hospital birth. A hospital-based birth class will teach you the basic mechanics of birth and the hospital policies, but it will not teach you the hormonal physiology of birth or prepare you for the most emotionally and physically demanding day of your life. If you truly want to understand birth, calm your fears, be informed of evidence and options, and prepare yourself fully for a positive birth experience, you need to look beyond the hospital based birth class, and a doula can direct you to high quality instruction, or even teach you themselves.

Will my health insurance pay for or reimburse for birth doula services?

Some insurance companies will reimburse for doula services as ‘out of network’ care services. Check with your insurance company to find out what they will cover.

Who typically uses postpartum care?
  • First-time parents
  • Parents of multiples
  • Cesarean section birth/recovery
  • Families with little local support
  • Women who want to breastfeed
  • Families with other young children
  • Women at risk for or experiencing postpartum depression & anxiety
  • Premature births/babies on apnea monitors
  • Women who have experienced difficult deliveries
  • Families with high anxiety levels
  • New parents with limited experience with newborns
  • Women who have been on bed rest throughout pregnancy
Is there a best time to use a postpartum doula?

Having a doula in your home the first couple of days make days 3, 4, & 5 (when your milk typically arrives) much more manageable. Often weeks 3-8, when babies tend to ramp up their fussy times, is also a good time for an experienced doula to help you problem-solve and get rest. Sometimes having a doula stay the night goes a long way to being able to keep up with daytime demands.Doulas often will fill the gaps in family support. The care level is different for every family, and we customize the care plan for each family’s particular needs.

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

Both are trained professionals, and are part of the labor and delivery team, but address different aspects of labor and delivery. Midwives, like doctors and nurses, are concerned with the medical side. Doulas focus on the relational side. They are there to comfort, strengthen, and encourage the laboring mom and her partner.

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